Thursday, September 10, 2009

Form, Content, Method


The form of my project shall be a short animated film that shall be 30 seconds to a minute in length. The video shall showcase work rich in concept, character design, texture, lighting, and visual effects.


A few years ago I had been inspired to create a piece of art by an image of a tree that almost resembled a lady in its pose and form. My art concept was that a tree is a lady in love, who dresses up, dances, and feels beautiful and happy to welcome spring, her love. I have always had a desire to animate the concept since then. I embark to do that in this course.
The tree will be a barren being in the winter. Come spring there will be sunshine and bloom. Plants and foliage and vines growing around the tree that will make a pretty dress for her, and make her look like a beautiful lady. The tree will dance in joy.


I will first research analogies between a tree and a woman, and design my character so that it can be best visualized by most people who look at the form as a lady. I will model my design in 3D, and rig it so I can animate the dance. I will texture and light the model. I will research a means to show growing vines along desired direction, and incorporate that in my movie. I may use paint effects, or actual modeling and key framing, or L-shape generative, or heavy video compositing to achieve my result with the desired art direction and the time frame provided by the course.

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