Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Schedule for the sem

I plan to do a very detailed tree model and make a turntable for it.
Week 20th Sep to 26th Sep
Color Study ( 3 styles) on 1 or 3 concept sketches, watch modeling tutorials.

Basic modeling and overall design variations.
Week 27th Sep to 3rd Oct
Week 4th Oct to 10th Oct - Model tree, trunks, branches, rough face.

Detailing the model.
Week 11th Oct to 17th Oct
Week 18th to 24th Oct
Week 25th Oct to 31st Oct- - Add details to face, and add gnarls, knots etc on tree surface, pine cones, nest for hairstyle.

Week 1st Nov to 7th Nov
Week 7th to 14th Nov
Week 15th to 21st Nov - Model and design, leaves, foliage and make dress and tree canopy

Week 22nd to 28th Nov - plain color assignment for texturing.
Week 29th Nov to 5th Dec - Lighting,

Dec 6th, 7th, Rendering still frames at good angles, and a turntable.
Dec 8th - Presentation

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